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YOU are a RADIANT woman ready to be the HEROINE of her LOVE STORY.

You’re ready to step bravely into your vulnerabilities and desires.


Can you imagine a life where your deepest truth and your most authentic self are the anchors to your happiness?

A life where the vision of the relationship you deserve is as clear as day in your mind? An intention for true love that vibrates so deeply from your soul that you can’t help but meet the man that harmonizes perfectly with YOU?

Beautiful, you don’t have to imagine. It’s YOUR time to heal. Heal from dating, living, and loving from a place of fear. You’re here because you know there’s got to be another way. A way to…

  • Discover the most fearless version of yourself.
  • Re-connect with the well of love that lives at your very core.
  • Open your heart to the EPIC LOVE you’re worthy of RECEIVING.

These women have and you can too. 

aimee-picBefore working with Catherine, I had quite a jaded view on love and relationships. My heart was closed after being hurt so many times. I also recognized I had so much fear when navigating dating and relationships and I didn’t want to keep living like that!

Catherine helped me to not only trust love but trust myself! My heart is now open! I am getting more attention romantically than I ever have before and have started dating a man who is treating me better than I EVER have been.

I’m so glad I worked with Catherine and chose to believe in love!
– Aimee


jessica-eWorking with Catherine I’ve seen so many life-altering changes to the dynamics of multiple relationships in my life. I went from being in a romantic relationship with no communication or intimacy to being able to openly convey feelings instead of placing blame, then as I began to develop true self-love I was able to recognize that this relationship was still not completely fulfilling me and it was time to leave it.

Armed with my new found self-love and all of the supporting tools Catherine had given to me, I was able to gracefully pass through one of the most difficult breakups of my life. After learning how to love myself from the inside out, my life has radically changed. What self-love looks like for me is taking the time to slow down, pursuing activities that fulfill me, no longer tolerating bad behavior from others, and genuinely taking care of my body.

Since starting this work with Catherine, I’ve lost about 20 lb. without even trying, simply because I care for myself enough now to not consume things that are detrimental to my health. I never understood people who walked around saying that they are “grateful” for everything. Until one day it happened to me. I woke up and was hit with an overwhelming sense of appreciation for everything in my life, and most especially for the opportunity to be on this amazing journey of healing with Catherine as my coach.
– Jessica E


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