melissa-sBefore working with Catherine I was just getting out of a 3-year relationship and it was a brutal break up. I was extremely codependent and struggled with believing I would ever find love again. I wanted to work with Catherine to heal, transform, and grow and I was moved by her story of hope!!

Through Catherine’s coaching and her online course The Path of Love, I am a confident powerhouse of a woman who knows herself and is able to set healthy boundaries. I am attracting amazing people and learning about myself in new exciting way.

I am loving dating! I choose relationships with people who energetically uplift me and I am certain I will find the love of my life.
– Melissa


aimee-picBefore working with Catherine, I had quite a jaded view on love and relationships. My heart was closed after being hurt so many times. I also recognized I had so much fear when navigating dating and relationships and I didn’t want to keep living like that!

Catherine helped me to not only trust love but trust myself! My heart is now open! I am getting more attention romantically than I ever have before and have started dating a man who is treating me better than I EVER have been.

I’m so glad I worked with Catherine and chose to believe in love!
– Aimee


lauren-m-and-bfBefore working with Catherine I didn’t know who I was. I was caught up in who the world wanted me to be, who my parents wanted me to be and who I thought I needed to be in order to be successful.

Catherine helped me to discover who I am and helped me to see that who I am is enough. Through this I was able to attract the most incredible man I have ever met!

Did I mentioned that this happened just two weeks after I decided to believe it COULD happen? After being single and dating for the past 3 years.

Loving myself and truly owning who I am led me to attracting a sincere soul mate. Catherine showed me tangible tools and how I had to shift my mindset in order to attract the love that I desired and it was EASY!
-Lauren M


laura-sAfter being single and dating for 3 years, Catherine helped me discover who I am, helped me to see that who I am is enough and I attracted the most incredible man I have ever met! This happened after just TWO WEEKS of believing it could happen!

Loving myself and truly owning who I am led me to attracting a sincere soul mate. Catherine showed me tangible tools and how I had to shift my mindset in order to attract the love that I desired and it was EASY!
-Laura S


rachelleBefore working with Catherine I really struggled with being vulnerable, expressing my needs in relationship and acknowledging my childhood wounding. I chose to work with Catherine so I could heal, so I could love myself.

Since working with her, I am now able to have choice in my current behavior patterns, I am implementing self care on a daily basis, I trust myself, and I can feel the experience of my own love. Catherine’s compassion and ability to truly hold a safe space for authentic sharing is what makes transformation possible with her.

Catherine is the woman to go to if you want to be more authentic in your life!
-Rachelle J.


jessica-eWorking with Catherine I’ve seen so many life-altering changes to the dynamics of multiple relationships in my life. I went from being in a romantic relationship with no communication or intimacy to being able to openly convey feelings instead of placing blame, then as I began to develop true self-love I was able to recognize that this relationship was still not completely fulfilling me and it was time to leave it.

Armed with my new found self-love and all of the supporting tools Catherine had given to me, I was able to gracefully pass through one of the most difficult breakups of my life. After learning how to love myself from the inside out, my life has radically changed. What self-love looks like for me is taking the time to slow down, pursuing activities that fulfill me, no longer tolerating bad behavior from others, and genuinely taking care of my body.

Since starting this work with Catherine, I’ve lost about 20 lb. without even trying, simply because I care for myself enough now to not consume things that are detrimental to my health. I never understood people who walked around saying that they are “grateful” for everything. Until one day it happened to me. I woke up and was hit with an overwhelming sense of appreciation for everything in my life, and most especially for the opportunity to be on this amazing journey of healing with Catherine as my coach.
– Jessica E


erica bI started working with Catherine while going through a seemingly earth-shattering breakup. I felt hopeless, broken down, and lost, and I knew I needed to make a change.

Through working with Catherine, I not only healed from the break up but I attracted a partner that I before could only dream of! I learned that I am enough; I have all the happiness, love, and joy already within me, and Catherine helped me find it.

-Erica B.


danielle-cI was going from relationship to relationship, always liking what he likes, always comparing myself to other women and always feeling lost. I used to think that I always wanted to be “his” dream girl, that I had to be the “perfect woman for him.”

After doing this work, I know I AM MY DREAM WOMAN! I am who I always dreamed I would be. I effortlessly attract high quality men and know it’s possible for me to have everything I want. I have no doubt I’ll meet the one!
– Danielle C


Meredith GI have always struggled with this notion that I intrinsically deserve love and happiness, and that I deserve to love myself separate from external factors (achievements, weight, bank account, etc.).

I committed to this 8-week-program in January, and this new awareness and the crucial notion of a relaxed trusting-the-universe that The Path to Love engendered then enabled me to make the changes I needed to in order to be more fully open to love.

I am now in a wonderful relationship with a man who exuberantly experiences life with me. I have so much gratitude for Catherine, The Path to Love, and the remarkable results that manifested in my life!
– Meredith G


Through working with Catherine I can now stand in my truth, be who I am and I now can say I love everything about me. I am the woman I was always meant to be. Catherine is so supportive, loving, and courageous enough to push me to be the best version of myself.
-Kimmie H.


When I started working with Catherine I was in a place where I felt there was only so much farther I could go on my own. I felt happiness was reserved for only certain kinds of people and didn’t believe this was even possible for me. After her program I feel empowered and see the world through eyes of gratitude and love and discovered my purpose!! Catherine is the reason I have finally found the conviction and developed a plan to follow my passion and purpose and be unafraid of taking the risks to reach my goals. I feel totally and completely responsible for my life and I am enjoying living with this power! 10 weeks with Catherine was more beneficial to me than 10 years of therapy!
-Erica Zendell, founder of Zen Cookery


I experienced tremendous loss in my life and I felt alone, depressed and fully immersed in grief. I did not know how to build myself back up again. The start of my transformation began the moment I signed up with Catherine. I learned that it was OK for me to begin again and that I was worthy of my dreams. I bought a new house and am now living where I want to be! I love myself today and feel powerful enough to make anything happen in my life.
-Diana T


Catherine is meant to do this. Before coaching I felt depressed by my 9-5 job and powerless to make changes in my life. I felt like a victim to my boss and wanted to know how I could make my life more fulfilling and enjoyable. After working with Catherine my confidence and belief in myself have increased. I am more positive, empathetic, and powerful. I know now that I have control over my life and feel worthy of great things! Catherine always knows exactly what to say and I always come off each sessions with increased positive energy and motivation.
– Kelly W


I’ve learned how to love myself and how to trust myself. Something that was foreign to me before. I realized that I had looked to others to make myself happy and with Catherine, I learned how to make myself happy and take responsibility for how I feel. Today I live life filled with bliss and ease and I feel powerful and confidence enough to manifest my desires and dreams!

-Anneliese P


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