I Can’t Believe He Said This to Me

Have you ever heard the sentiment “leave people better than you find them?” The idea that we can walk through the world as light workers committed to making it a better place by BRINGING love, compassion, kindness and light everywhere we go. We all know the woman who can light up a room when she… Continue Reading

This could be ruining your love life

I’m just going to come out and say it: What could be ruining your love life is perfectionism.  Now, perfectionism is actually hurting us in so many ways and in so many areas of our life, but I want to really focus on how much it hurts your love life. In my program The Path to Love Module 4… Continue Reading

What Men Want More than Anything

Good morning lovely lady!! I was speaking with a client last week who was telling me about a conversation she had with one of her guy friends. This guy is engaged and getting married this fall. She’s telling the story and essentially sharing with me about how she noticed he was really not excited and… Continue Reading

The difference between being entitled and being deserving

Good morning beauty! Today I want to talk about something super important. A very sneaky, damaging thing that can ruin relationships: entitlement. I want to share a really important distinction between feeling like you are entitled to love and knowing that you are deserving of love. I am a love coach that helps women heal and transform… Continue Reading

These questions changed everything for me in love

The most magnetic woman in the room is the woman who is HAPPY. So many are seeking partnership with the hope to FIND happiness and when this is the case, usually the opposite happens. No partner can be the source of our happiness and fulfillment. How to find love FAST? BE HAPPY NOW Imagine for… Continue Reading

Marriage Shouldn’t Be Your Goal

Good morning my love! I’m baaaaaaaack! and I am now Mrs. Catherine Danieli 🙂 How are you? I hope you found me over on Facebook to see our sneak peek photos from our wedding day. It was so wonderful and such a great day. I am so grateful. I thought I couldn’t get any more… Continue Reading

How well do you let go?

I am now in Newport, Rhode Island the day before our wedding day. I have to say, I am so unbelievably relaxed. I spent the past year preparing. This is different from planning. I prepared through epic self care, working with energy healers, working with a coach (always a great idea!) meditating and journaling about… Continue Reading

Are you hiding? (FREE gift for you!)

Hi!! It’s wedding week!! I’ve got a few great thoughts for you 🙂 I often hear “I want to be seen.” We want the experience of being known to ourselves, accepted, adored and appreciated. To be seen means to be “received” in it’s simplest form. I also often hear people complain when dating that someone… Continue Reading

Do you believe this?

Happy Friday!! Get ready for a few more blogs coming your way in this next week as I prepare for our WEDDING next Saturday, June 17. This week I celebrated with a client her new job that she’s kicking ass at, new apartment she’ll be moving into and her new MAN! You can FEEL IT… Continue Reading