The core of who you are is the greatest source of universal love.
Deep down you know there’s a power to your womanhood that could move mountains.

You’re a woman worthy of great love, EPIC love, a love that heals and reveals:

  • A woman standing in her strength, and loving from her soul.
  • A woman ready to wipe the slate clean of past heartbreaks.
  • A woman taking charge of her destiny to write her new love story.

You want to step into your light, call forth all of your POWER, and CHOOSE LOVE.

You WANT to believe in the idea that your soulmate is out there, but you’re still struggling with doubt. 

You WANT to find true love, but you’re hating online dating. 

You WANT to trust men, but you’ve just been ghosted again.

I get it. All of my clients start here. This isn’t where they end.  

There IS a man for you. I know this because the Universe WANTS to fulfill your desires. You CAN create the epic love story of your dreams, it just STARTS with you.

It’s time to LIVE IN LOVE. 
It’s time for courageous self-healing that will change EVERYTHING.

How do I know?

I’m living MY EPIC LOVE STORY because I got fierce and fearless.


Catherine and Andrew


I’m Catherine Hummel, Love Coach, recovered unhealthy relationship junkie, and LOVE EXPERT. I am also a woman head-over-heels in love with LOVE. I’ve studied the ins-and-outs of love, read everything under the sun about forming healthy relationships, and even have a Masters in Public Health thanks to my quest for real love. I’ve helped women (all kinds of women!) find the strength to pick up their hearts, heal, and CHOOSE a love story worthy of their shine. I gave them the gift I gave myself: permission to love fiercely and deeply.

You see, I chose love long before I met the love of my life.

Here’s what’s true: I once believed love was out of my control. JUST LIKE YOU.

I suffered from debilitating low self-esteem, an alcohol problem that made me feel worthless, and a desperate need for love that left me chasing waterfalls. I felt utterly HOPELESS. I believed that my value was completely rooted in the approval of the men I dated, and that THEY ran the love game.

I was begging to be chosen to play.

Like the last kid on the field at recess, I desperately wanted to be picked.

“I don’t care who picks me,” I thought. “Just don’t let me be the last one left!”

The belief that there’s a scarcity of love can do some real messed up things to you, honey. Let me be real: this belief led me toward some pretty destructive patterns:

  • Sleeping with men on the first date, hoping it would prove I was THE ONE.

  • Clinginess, neediness, co-dependency — turning everyone off. 

  • Emotional immaturity that sucked trust right out of every relationship.

  • A profound jealousy of any friend who got to the love “finish line” before me.

If I was in “the game,” I was definitely not bringing my best to the field. The truth? I was seriously losing the game. EVERY person I dated broke up with ME. I suffered through a soul-sucking relationship that probably broke records. Yep, 10 break-ups in one relationship–I couldn’t believe I would find someone else. 

“Is this my love story?” I wondered. “THIS?” 

NO. It abso-fucking-lutely was not.

Excuse my French, but I knew in my very core that this could NOT be my love story. But I also knew that if I didn’t make a move, nothing would EVER change. I was scared. My desire for love was far bigger than my fear. The first step I took was hiring a love coach. The first step in believing that I DID NOT need to keep trying to do this all on my own. 

I was WORTH saving myself from FEAR.

I was deserving of living in LIGHT and LOVE.

It wasn’t easy learning to love myself. I started by reaching for one branch, then pulling myself closer to solid ground with another. There was one book here, then a training there, but before I knew it I was walking this amazing path. I was learning to love myself again, and learning the exact formula for receiving a healthy relationship.

I CREATED an EXTRAORDINARY life for myself.

I stopped believing in the myth of the scarcity of love because I had tapped into the greatest well of love any of us will ever know: love of self. It’s a love that never, ever runs dry.

I stopped playing the love game because you know what? LOVE IS NOT A GAME. Love is a sacred right belonging to every single one of us. I no longer waited to be chosen. I stood my ground, and chose RADICAL LOVE.

I believed the man meant for me was out there, and that all I needed to do was live in my truth, my most fearless self, and he would come.

And you know what? He did.

He is extraordinary. He’s a man clearly made for me.

A man with the most generous, open heart.

A man who only has eyes for me.

A man who ADORES me.

WE chose each other…


Tooth and nail. I rolled up my sleeves, reached deep, and got courageous about the love I knew was out there for me. I fought to love every inch of myself. I worked hard to change my old patterns with powerful meditations, affirmations, and practices that grounded my heart. I believed in my happily ever after, and I prepared my mind, body, and soul to receive it.

And now, when I fall asleep at night, and he holds my hand, I dream of a world where every woman on the planet feels this safe, this adored, this appreciated, and this celebrated. I feel it so deeply that it makes me CRY. That’s how I know helping others find love is my purpose.

I believe EVERYONE deserves to be loved, and loved WELL.

When we are loved, we change the world. We are kinder, happier, and lit from within.

This is why I couldn’t stop at my love story. No. I knew I had to help you live yours. 

I am one hundred percent committed to helping you find the courage to write your new love story with my proven programs: 21 DAYS TO LASTING SELF-LOVE, and THE PATH TO LOVE: Healing Your Heart and Opening to Receive the Man of Your Dreams.

In 21 days I can take you from drowning in that pit of fear quicksand to standing on the solid ground of SELF-LOVE. A program that gives you the keys to lasting self-love with videos, prompts, and self-care rituals that’ll help you create your love story from within. OR, you might be ready to seize your happily ever after with my full, 8-week course, where you’ll learn to {receive love}, and CHOOSE the love of your life.

Come on, let’s go fall in love. 😉

Get started here! 

Here’s a little more about me, your beacon of love:

  • One of my self-care rituals includes dancing joyously for my clients, and the whole world pretty much. I believe there is always time to #PauseForLove. 😉

  • Once upon a time, I was a Division 1 athlete! I attended college on a track scholarship, and hold several records in my high school. I even competed in New York State competitions!

  • I have a Masters in Public Health and was a sexual health educator in a former life. All of my experience helps me in the work that I do as a Love Coach.

  • I moved out of my apartment two years ago and lived in Hawaii for a month because I wanted to live the life of my dreams. So I took action. Those sunsets are GOR-GEOUS!

Here, let me help you carry some of that baggage. We’re going to heal your wounds, and find you the man of your dreams. Take my hand, and let’s walk this path together.

Ready to create your love story?