21 Days to Lasting Self-Love

Create your love story from within.

YOU can master SELF-LOVE and choose an extraordinary life filled with love.
Because when you open your heart to receiving love, you ACHIEVE love.

What would that feel like? To look in the mirror and see a beautiful, empowered woman?

Your feminine radiance lighting up your life, and a deep peace in knowing you’re enough?

YOU giving yourself permission to bask in your AWESOMENESS?

You’re a woman rising to the occasion of her happily ever after, and you know something’s gotta change if you’re going to be ready for the man of your dreams. Something inside of you says it has to start with a little self-love, so you can…

  • Uncover the most fearless version of yourself.
  • Uncover the courage to write your own love story.
  • Uncover that fountain of love within that NEVER runs dry.

But you’re worried that your insecurities will drag you back into that {pit of fear quicksand} (link to About Me page) that’ll keep you living in your “not-good-enoughs.” You wonder, “Am I worthy of love?”

Plain and simply? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY, beautiful.

Up until now you feel like…

  • You’ve imagined what it would be like to look in the mirror and love the woman staring back at you, but just thinking it hasn’t been enough and you’re worried you’ll never see the light.

  • You watch as other women enjoy their lives with pure joy, but you can’t remember the last time you did anything–dancing, painting, hiking–that made your heart soar. You just want them to stop parading around their happiness already!

  • You have these amazing life & career goals for yourself (you’re determined!), so you wonder why you feel so utterly undeserving of anything good coming your way.

  • You’re sick and tired of hearing about self-care because you get your nails done all the time and spas are LIFE, but none of that is working for you and you dream of really LIVING LOVE.

  • You want to step out into the streets like Mary Tyler Moore, confident in every step you take so a man can finally see how special you are and CHOOSE you, but nothing seems to change.

The truth? You want to carry your mind and body around this world like a fierce woman who knows what she wants. But you can’t shake the feeling that maybe that’s a fantasy that will never be yours.

You worry if you can’t learn to love yourself, how can you ask a man to love you?

But love, sweetheart, isn’t a fantasy that belongs to a few worthy ladies. Love is what YOU ARE. It sometimes gets lost in the shadows of our hearts, but it’s there, and all it takes is a little practice, a little dusting, and a little nurturing to help it shine bright inside of you again.

Achieving and receiving SELF-LOVE starts RIGHT HERE.

It starts with a commitment to your healing that will change EVERYTHING. Your ability to stay present with your wants and needs. Your determination to practice self-care that really satisfies your soul. Your absolute worthiness to receive all the love the universe has to offer — ALL OF IT, even romantic love.

You’ll know you’ve finally given yourself the LICENSE TO LOVE when YOU…

  • Roll out of bed–no brush, no makeup, no filters–step up to the mirror and think, “Dayuuum. Girl, you are one sexy babe.” Strutting your stuff and knowing that you truly believe it.

  • Watch your best girlfriends enjoying their lives, and instead of sitting on the sidelines, you join them! Dance break? Yes, please! A walk in the park? Sounds lovely. You see every occasion as an opportunity to express your greatest joy.

  • Take your ambitions by the hand and think, “I can do this.” You open your heart to receiving any gift from God/Universe that will help you achieve your dreams.

  • Sit at the nail salon completely present, so you make a real connection with those around you and gain the benefits of satisfying conversations that nurture your spirit. You LIVE LOVE!

  • Step out into the streets being the truest expression of YOU, not anybody else, and you walk confidently through the world knowing that YOU get to CHOOSE the man of your dreams.

Get ready for 21 Days to Lasting Self-Love!

A 21-day program that will give you tangible practices for achieving self-love that’s more epic than any fairytale out there. A program that builds your confidence, increases your joy, and harnesses the power of love that lives within YOU.


My name’s Catherine Hummel and in the last four years I went from co-dependent relationship junkie to LOVE EXPERT. As a Love Coach, I’ve studied the ins-and-outs of love, read everything under the sun about forming healthy relationships, and even have a Masters in Public Health thanks to my quest for real love. I’m here to help you find the strength to pick up your heart, heal, and CHOOSE a love story worthy of your shine. I want to give you the gift that I gave myself: permission to love fiercely and deeply.

I haven’t always lived in my joy. There was a time when alcohol, painfully co-dependent relationships, and a belief in love scarcity almost drowned me in self-hate. I worried that I would never find the strength to claim my happiness, and that I would never experience true love because of it. I overcame my insecurities and low self-esteem by nurturing my soul’s and heart’s desires. In doing so, I found my confidence and mapped out the programs that prepared me for receiving EPIC LOVE.

When I finally stepped into my light, connected with my heart, and owned my undeniable worth, I was able to…

  • Celebrate all of my quirks, interests, and fierce personality.
  • Envision a future where I was living my purpose as a Love Coach.
  • Open my heart and CHOOSE the man of my dreams.

I may have been lost in “not-good-enoughs” then, but I’m living in my divine truth now.

LOVE does not live outside of me. I know that with every fiber of my being. I AM LOVE. Connecting with this universal truth is possible for you too. You don’t have to suffer, deprived of love from others, you can create a love inside of you as deep as the ocean.

Love does not require unfair compromises.

You get to run the show when it comes to the relationship that you are building with yourself. Imagine what it would be like to unpack the things that are holding you back, and uncovering the keys to the joy that’s specific to YOU?

My online programs give you direct access to my encyclopedic knowledge of LOVE, and the proven step-by-step path to self-love that has helped me and countless of my clients regain CONFIDENCE.

So why live in HOPELESS FEAR when you can give yourself the tools to LOVE magnificent, beautiful, wonderful YOU?

CREATE YOUR LOVE STORY FROM WITHIN by SIGNING UP for 21 Days to Lasting Self-Love, and you’ll receive:

  • The 21 DAYS to LASTING SELF-LOVE online program, which includes FOUR 75-MINUTE VIDEOS, so you have the guidance to learn the ins-and-outs of healthy self-love.

  • A 21-DAY WORKBOOK with 21 affirmations, journal prompts, and SELF-CARE rituals that will help you practice self-love daily.


  • THE PATH TO RADICAL SELF-CARE GUIDE, a guide that goes above and beyond nails and massages, and allows you to be fully present and truly live radical self-care.

  • HOW TO MAKE A VISION BOARD GUIDE that allows you to go from overwhelming goals to small, actionable, purpose-driven steps.

For just $194 $97!


Are you ready to start your love story? The one where you become the first love you CHOOSE? How would it feel to walk through this world with a smile on your face?

Go on, give yourself the keys to lasting self-love!

Give yourself permission to live in joy.
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After I Buy… What’s Next?

  1. You’ll be directed to Paypal where you’ll invest in your happily ever after!

  2. You’ll receive an email from me, Catherine, your love coach and guide, with a link to your online program.

  3. Click and download your kit for learning to love yourself with joy!

I believe that healthy, self-loving people create healthy, loving relationships, and that these relationships can heal our world. It means everything to me to be part of this love revolution, and to stand by your side as you seek to do your part in giving and receiving EPIC LOVE.

Love & Joy,


What does the commitment look like?

You’re the master of your love map! Your 21 Days to Lasting Self-Love program comes with 21 days of workbooks, affirmations, and more. It’s up to you whether or not you allow them to do the job they’ve come to do for you. If you stay open-minded, accountable, courageous, and fully present to taking care of yourself on this journey, you’ll see the benefits grow every day! Remember, if you want what you’ve never had, you have to do what you’ve never done. Get ready to fall in love!

What’s your refund policy?

There are no refunds with 21 Days to Lasting Self-Love, but what I can offer is the guarantee of knowing that if you follow this path with me, you’ll launch yourself toward an incredibly loving relationship with yourself. A love that will lead to the partnership that is right for you!

Do you still have questions? Feel free to send me an e-mail: hi@catherine-hummel.com

Give yourself permission to live in joy.
For just $97!!!

BUY NOW and get 50% off!
That’s just $194 $97!!!



“Working with Catherine has been life changing! I have taken both of her classes, A Path To Love and 21 Days to Lasting Self Love and I followed all of her instructions for each class. I have never felt more whole than I am today and it’s because of Catherine’s guidance. She helped me to see that I was worthy and whole because I exist.

Today, I fully believe that I am loved by the universe unconditionally. After taking her classes, I started dating a man who is such a great guy and who I feel at peace with inside my soul. I am attracted to him on many levels and have stayed true to myself while getting to know him. Catherine showed me that how I feel about myself is directly proportional to how a man is going to treat me. This man is treating me exactly how I have wanted to be treated for years and it’s because I have worked with Catherine on getting to a point where I truly BELIEVED that I deserved that!

I am so happy with how much I have grown in this process and would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about it to start working with Catherine.” – Veronica M.


Are you looking for 1-on-1 guidance on your journey to love? One-on-one coaching with me that will go deeper with you on achieving EPIC LOVE?

You got it!

SIGN UP for my PATH TO LOVE 3-MONTH coaching program, and you’ll receive:

  • The 21 DAYS to LASTING SELF-LOVE & PATH TO LOVE online programs, and BONUSES all gifted to you, so you can achieve healthy self-love!
  • 12 1-HOUR LONG PHONE or SKYPE SESSIONS, so you have continual, weekly guidance and face-to-face time with me as you go on your journey.
  • A PDF GUIDE for 20 LOVE AFFIRMATIONS that have been proven to bring you the love of your life.
  • LOVE NOTES! An email copy of notes from EACH of our sessions, so we can track your progress and goals as you work your way toward your happily ever after.
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS & VISUALIZATIONS to help you connect with your higher self, and re-program your subconscious for receiving love.
  • 12 JOURNAL PROMPTS that will allow for crucial introspection that will unpack the blocks keeping you from choosing love.
  • 24-HOUR EMAIL ACCESS TO ME! I will be fully present to your journey, and available to help you overcome the hurdles, and celebrate your BIG WINS.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO MY “SISTERS OF THE HEART” GROUP, a safe space to share stories with like-minded women, and receive daily inspiration.