This Was a Huge Game Changer in My Love Story

In my Path to Love program, I map out the exact steps to attracting the love of your life. It’s easy to think finding love is about “luck” (or worse) just “dating strategy” versus actual INNER work which includes self awareness, accountability, empathy, and emotional and energy mastery.

I spoke for 45 minutes about relationships a few weeks ago and one of the women has been in a relationship for 7 years. She sent me a text a few days later and said “You changed my relationship. You taught me how to have more awareness inside my relationship which created more connection with my man than we have experienced in a long time. I can’t thank you enough.”

Knowledge is power.

There is no consciousness without self awareness. The Path to Love teaches you awareness and all of my 1:1 clients cultivate exactly that.

It’s crazy to me that we are dating and in relationships with no knowledge. With the hope and the wish that we will figure something out that we’ve never been taught. I am proud to be the teacher, the coach that brings you all the things about love that you should have learned but never did and empower you to not only attract an epic relationship but know how to SUSTAIN it.

I want to talk to you today about the NUMBER ONE thing that shifted everything for me in love.

What do you think it is?

it’s not self love.

it’s not emotional mastery.

it’s not even inner child work.

ALL of those things matter on the journey to love but the game changer was this:

My relationship with men.

This usually blows the mind of most women who work with me.

You say you want a relationship with a man but unconsciously you believe

all men are pigs

all men just want to have sex

men aren’t safe

men don’t want to commit

So you’ve essentially set yourself up to LOSE in love before you even begin.

This is crazy.

Here’s the other thing.

You complain about men objectifying women, when you in fact objectify men.

Let’s look at this.

To objectify: to treat as an object.

Yes, there are men who objectify women. Who see women only for their body.

Here’s the shadow of women – you see a man only for his love.

You want a man only for what he can give to you.

You look at men only as a “means to end” a THING that will give you a wedding, unconditional love, attention, gifts, morning text messages, babies, date night.

This is not OK.

This is something a man can actually FEEL when he’s on a date with you and probably why you won’t get a second date, or even a call back. He doesn’t want to be used as a means to an end.

This energy comes from FEAR. It takes a LOT of work and conscious intention to move from fear to love. To stop dating from fear and start dating from and with love. To see men as human beings, just like you, with needs and dreams and desires TOO. To do the work to fill your own heart up and to CLEAR any and all resentment or fear with men so you don’t carry that into your new relationship.

If you have been doing this, this isn’t to beat yourself up. It’s to awaken. It’s to become aware of your behavior with men and how you see men so you can actually change it.

Vow today that you will stop objectifying men.

VOW today that you will start appreciating and celebrating men and being generous with your love and attention and compliments to the men in your life.

Vow to be on a date looking for what’s GOOD about this man rather than asking him to prove himself to you in some way.

This changed everything. Once this shifted for me I could see the good in men everywhere. Men were showing up for me everywhere and of course, I married a confident, self loving, magnificent protector who adores me and I adore him.

True love relationships aren’t manifested, they are created when a woman becomes willing to receive and takes responsibility for her part in her love story.

Not quite willing to take action on 1:1 coaching? Thats why I created The Path to Love. Start healing now to prepare for your epic love.

Willing for 2018 to be completely different for you in love than it’s ever been?

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