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ALL of my work revolves around teaching women to receive. I say it over and over again, I don’t believe you manifest a partner, I believe you open to receive them. I see so many “spiritual” women very well practiced in building amazing lives and doing manifestation work around partnership and they are still single. I would argue this is because they aren’t fully receptive. I learned this as I reflected on my own love journey. I did very, very few “manifestation” practices. I had to learn this with money, with my business, with my health, etc.

I just received so much feedback on my last blog I wanted to write more for you. I want to talk this week about how receptivity is SO MUCH MORE than just letting your partner do things for you. It was important for me to write about what happened with Andrew last week. It’s important for me to work with my clients on starting to first receive compliments and saying “thank you” because this is the beginning of a practice. It starts there – do you let him do things for you? It doesn’t stop there though.

Receptivity is about how you are BEING. Receptivity is about how much you allow things to just happen in your life, how you respond to life from a place of acceptance versus control and about how well you receive who your partner is – with acceptance and admiration.

Many of us talk about love, dream about love, and yet we don’t really know what love is. David Richo, the teacher who has influenced most of my work, teaches that there are 5 A’s to love: acceptance, allowing, attention, affection and appreciation. He keeps it simple and I love that. I want you to think today about how much you let things be in your life. To allow is also to be receptive.

It’s not receptive to judge your partner, control your partner, think you know what’s best for your partner, try to fix your partner, criticize your partner, etc. It’s not receptive to think you know who your partner should be, and it’s not receptive try to control the unfolding of your love life!

None of us control others or our lives just for the sake of controlling. We control because we lack faith. I help my clients not only feel empowered to know the ways in which they can take their power back in their lives, but also to know the ways and places they can let go. That it is possible to move through the world joyful, with ease and grace and receptivity.

How well do you receive men? 

You don’t receive men when you show up on dates with an agenda on how they should behave or what they should be like.

You don’t receive men when you are quick to judge and criticize them.

I have to practice receptivity daily. The ways I practice receptivity, or FAITH are these:

1. Meditation. Meditation. Meditation. This is THE core practice of letting go, of learning to be still amidst tender feelings and chaos and it is the place I go to connect with spirit and listen.

2. Reading spiritual books/listening to spiritual teachers. I am always reading, always listening. Daily meditation books are super helpful for me and I like opening to a page every morning.

3. Choosing angel cards. My clients receive a card when we have our sessions and I pick one often after my meditation. Another tool to help me remember that I am not alone

4. Affirming that I am cared for by a loving and kind Universe and that I am never alone

5. Being playful/joyful. Dancing, watching YouTube videos that make me laugh, not taking life so seriously. I remember ease and grace more this way.

There are subtle ways to notice when we aren’t receptive and being able to do that is a huge step in consciousness. I am not receptive when I think life should be different than it is or when I am rejecting where I am right now. Self acceptance is the second key to self love (taught in my 21 Days to Lasting Self Love Course). Acceptance of where we are, where other people are, and what’s going on in our worlds is a key to receptivity.

Know it’s more than just letting other people DO things for you…it’s about letting yourself BE exactly who you are and other people too.

I love you. I’d love to know how this touched your heart, please reply to this message if you have any a-ha’s or insights!



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