How Well Do You Receive?

I have a confession.

I have been so, so tired for almost a month!!

It’s from all good things of course, but I’m still tired.

August was CRAZY. I went to a bachelorette party, then taught a women’s workshop, then attended a week long retreat, and then just spent the past weekend at my friends wedding. I loved everything I got to be a part of and really forgot to take care of myself in the way I normally do.

Femininity is ENERGY and when we don’t take care of ourselves it becomes harder and harder for our partners to connect with us. Poor Andrew, I was on EMPTY for most of the month.

I did many things that I always do, my morning rituals, meditation, etc. but didn’t get to do a lot of yoga and didn’t get a lot of sleep.

Sunday night after the wedding, I was in the bathroom and after changing into my pjs started taking out the 70 (no joke, 70!) bobby pins that were in my hair. Andrew walked into the bathroom and started to help me. I was so tired and I just wanted to get them all out so I was aggressively pulling at them while he very slowly started to help. I quickly got irritated at how slowly he was going and then he put his hand on my back and said “Catherine, will you just let your man help you?” and I looked in the mirror and there he was, at my back looking at me too. I burst into tears and surrendered, “Yes, please help me.” He then smiled and with so much joy (which I really couldn’t believe) started taking the bobby pins out of my hair and I stopped helping. I let him do it. I cried both out of exhaustion and gratitude that love really is in the little things. That men really, REALLY want to help us and we MUST be able to let them.

I am sharing this with you for 2 reasons.

1. To keep talking about the power of receiving and

2. To show you that this isn’t about being perfect in a relationship

I was exhausted, irritated and really quite bitchy. Before Andrew came into the bathroom all I could think about was how to get this done the FASTEST I possibly could and was shut down. After he helped me I thought to myself, how many women live this way? How many of us are always “so busy” that we can barely breathe, telling ourselves we should “just do it ourselves” because it would be “faster” versus letting people help us?

Men WANT to be helpful. They WANT to be needed. Not needed in a way that a woman is dependent on him, but needed in a way that he knows he matters to her. The smile grew across his face because he felt joy HELPING me. I got to receive, to give myself a break and not beat myself up for being on empty. It’s EASIER to receive when we are taking care of ourselves. That’s the message today.

How can you show up on a date after a full day of work and you’re exhausted and then your attitude about the date is “to just get it over with?” What if a date could BE a place to rejuvenate? What if you were NOURISHED by a date, and what if that nourishment was up to YOU and your capacity to receive?

How might life be different for you if you believed that a man WANTED to care for you and be there for you? How might your life be different if you allowed yourself to RECEIVE?

It’s a LIFE LONG practice. That’s what I got this weekend. Something as simple as Andrew taking bobby pins out of my hair gave me a moment to breathe. Love is BOTH giving and receiving. Women tend to be the over givers, not because we are designed that way, but because when we over give all the attention is on someone else. It’s so vulnerable to be present to ourselves, it’s so vulnerable to ask for help. It’s everything I stand for.

I know how hard it is to ask for help from a coach, really I do. I also know it’s so POWERFUL to ask for help and know you deserve to be supported in your dreams. Being able to receive all begins with your ENERGY and your belief that you are WORTHY of receiving.

Take CARE of yourself. Self care is the foundation of my self love course and receptivity is the foundation of The Path to Love. You don’t manifest a partner, you open your heart to RECEIVE him.

I love you and I am honored to work with all of the women who have the courage to say YES to self reflection and responsibility and to become Queens capable of receiving the partner of their dreams.



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