She’s Getting Married Because Of THIS

I’m going into Labor Day weekend grateful for such an incredible summer. I got married this summer!! I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how each day feels with Andrew. Here’s what’s true for me: My wedding day was NOT the best day of my life. Really. There, I said it. Our wedding day was the BEGINNING of an epic life. Our wedding day held the sacred commitment for us to say to one another “from this day forward, you shall never walk alone.” I get just as excited when I hear Andrew walking up the stairs to our house every night as I did walking toward him down the aisle. THIS is what I want for you. A love that feels this way. A love that you consciously create with your partner every.single.day. A love that is so much MORE than a wedding. A love that you receive because you know you deserve it, because the two of you deserve each other.

I am a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding this weekend. She and I have been friends for almost 7 years. I tell this story to a lot of people (and she knows!) and I want to say it to you. Here’s what I respect the most about her and why I know she’s getting married to this INCREDIBLE man: SHE DIDN’T GIVE UP.  

Let me tell you, she has been through some SHIT.

Haven’t we all?!

I haven’t met ANYONE who hasn’t had their heart broken, who has gone through hardship, who had a picture perfect childhood.

She didn’t give up, even though she WANTED to several times.

Are we really going to use those reasons as reasons to close our heart?

What if there is a partner WAITING for you?

Waiting for you to open your arms to love?

Waiting for you to pick yourself back up one more time and GET BACK ONLINE or be willing to say “I’ll wait and I’ll wait for the real thing.” And you keep dating.

Impatience is a form of control. Love cannot enter into any heart that is trying to control everything. You may have a partner from control, but you won’t experience the real thing.

I know you want the REAL thing. I know because you’re reading this blog. Because you keep reading my emails and posts. Because you are HERE on this planet with this desire in your heart.

The Universe works WITH you. It takes tremendous courage to love and tremendous courage to not give up.

My beautiful friend is marrying the most beautiful man for her. He’s perfect FOR HER and totally her person. This is the greatest gift. To see the people that are just meant to be together.

Don’t give up on love because love has never and will never give up on you.

I love you – look for pictures on Facebook!!!



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