How to flirt (I know you want to know!)

I hear this almost every day from women…“I don’t know how to flirt!”

The thing is though, YOU DO KNOW, you just forgot this truth.

There’s lots of things I could share with you on what to DO in order to flirt and I do that in my flirting guide found in The Path to LoveToday I want to focus on the fact that flirting is actually a WAY OF BEING that when you are tapped in to this energy, you know EXACTLY what to do.

Here’s what is getting in the way of your flirting:

You are monitoring everything you say/do when with a man because you don’t want to say/do the “wrong” thing

You are afraid he’ll assume your flirting “means” something – that you’ll want to sleep with him, etc.

Am I right?

I want to make a couple things very, very clear.

  1. YOU CANNOT MESS UP WHAT BELONGS TO YOU. I need you to really get this. You CAN’T say the “wrong” thing to the right man.
  2. WHEN YOU TRUST YOURSELF, YOU’LL TRUST YOURSELF TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE WHATEVER HAPPENS. Instead of trying to control your environment or what other people think/do you’ll focus on YOU.

The ENERGETIC way of being for flirting is this:





Playfulness happens NATURALLY when you are not AFRAID. When you’re not afraid of saying the wrong thing or of managing his behavior or feelings. We are ALL naturally playful and fun! When we are in our heart we easily behave this way.

Think of a woman who embodies these qualities. It can be a friend or an actress or even a character in a movie or TV show. Got it? Now close your eyes. Breathe into your belly and down into your pelvic floor. Feel your heart open and radiance shine through. Now, imagine her. See her. Step INTO her energy and body. Notice what happens – do you soften naturally? Smile? Put your shoulders back?  This is the practice! Try it on – even saying to yourself “What would ____ do right now?”

It really is this easy!!

One moment at a time, you’ll recognize that this energy has ALWAYS been yours and it’s inside of you.

You can only flirt when you aren’t afraid of men. When you aren’t afraid of what they’ll do or not do. When you TRUST them and see them as ALLIES rather than adversaries.

My favorite, favorite definition of flirting is this: Enjoying my presence in the presence of another person.

When you aren’t looking for someone to “make” you feel a certain way and when you aren’t trying to manipulate him to get what you want flirting comes naturally to you.

Here are my offerings for you:

  1. DO NOT send more than 1-2 lines in a text. Do not give men the “play by play” of what you’re thinking in a text. They don’t think like we do, they are single focused. They want to FEEL you, not know the list of all the things you did in a single day or how you got there. You would say things like “I had the BEST day today!” or “I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I enjoyed our date” or “I am so looking forward to my plans for the weekend”
  2. Be sassy – this is not about playing games for power. This is about acting as if you ARE a great catch and he would be lucky to have you. You speak from this place.
  3. AFFIRM him – “I bet you’d be a great person to do xyz with” or “I am so inspired by your passion/creativity/brilliance” or “I really respect your ____” THIS is FLIRTING! Complimenting him. Affirming him. “You look great in that shirt.” Etc.

An open heart is a heart that affirms.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Remember there is a FULL flirting guide over in The Path to Love program.

Start right now by saying “I know EXACTLY how to flirt because I am a glorious, embodied, feminine woman!”



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