My #1 manifestation secret

I want to share with you the only manifestation tool I used to receive Andrew. If you’ve been following me for awhile or if you’ve participated in The Path to Love you know that this is what I believe: you open to RECEIVE your life partner. There are many ways we BLOCK this receiving: controlling, obsessing, feeling powerless, clinging, desperation, fear, lack of self worth, etc. I could go on and on! But let’s focus on how POWERFUL we are today, shall we?

I call Module 2 in The Path to Love EMOTIONAL MASTERY. One of the most important skills a woman needs to learn in order to experience healthy love is how to manage her emotions. As women we are sensitive, emotional beings. All of us! The thing is however, we either know how to hold ourselves and our feelings or we don’t. I see many women dating from a place of hoping for their partner to take away their pain or women whose entire emotional well being is dictated based on the behavior of her partner. I also see women date hoping for a man to make her happy.

I developed Module 2 because I saw the emotional roller coaster ride so many women were on when dating. They were on top of the world if he called and down in the dumps if he didn’t. One text could change their entire day and being rejected could bring them down for a month. This was too much for me to witness.

We must be responsible for our own happiness and energy. This really is the first key to a successful relationship. Claiming our lives and what MAKES us happy. Knowing the tools and rituals that cultivate a sense of happiness and wholeness so that we can show up on dates and in relationships from this place.

This brings me to my manifestation secret.



Yes, act as if you are in love NOW.

We all know how it feels to be in love. We all know our friends that practically skip down the street when they are in love. We can clearly imagine how it feels or we wouldn’t be seeking it too!! What if you could feel in love REGARDLESS of whether or not you have a partner?

You CAN. Here’s How.

Here are the practices I did:

  1. I fell in love with myself. Truly. I created the experience of love by taking myself on dates, listening to my favorite music, wearing sexy lingerie under my clothes and dancing in my room naked. I talked as if I was in love, I moved as if I was in love, I dressed as if I was in love.
  2. When I woke up in the morning I’d act as if I was waking up next to the love of my life. I’d smile to myself and even say out loud “Good morning lover” and I’d walk down the street as if I already HAD the partner of my dreams
  3. I wrote myself love letters and signed it “From your man”
  4. Every night as I went to sleep I thanked the Universe for the love of my life

Here’s what happens when you do this – you stop CHASING a feeling when you’re on dates. In fact, on dates you’re FEELING for whether or not this person matches the vibration you’re already in!

Men can feel your energy. They can FEEL the pressure you’re putting on them to make you happy and fulfill your every dream. They can also feel when you’re sitting before them at peace and ease and genuinely caring about who they are and what they are about.

The good news – is that when you DO have the physical manifestation of a partner it is ICING on the cake of the feelings you’ve already experienced. Andrew magnifies the LOVE I already had in my heart and in my life. It sure is wonderful having someone to fall asleep with every night and I want that for you.

COMMIT to this energy. When you are committed you can’t HELP but attract a committed partnership.

If you’ve been waiting a long time and nothing has changed, take a look at this: AM I LIVING EVERY SINGLE DAY IN LOVE?

This is the feminine process.





If you haven’t jumped on The Path to Love – I strongly suggest this AMAZING program to support you in the EXACT process to RECEIVE the partner of your dreams.

It works. 

I love you.


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