You are NOT powerless in love

For almost everything in our lives, we have to learn how to do it.

We learn how to walk, talk, drive, read, write. We attend school to learn a specific trade or skill. When it comes to relationships however, we have NO learning and then we beat ourselves up when we don’t know how.

This. Is. CRAZY.

I speak about this frequently and it’s a huge reason why I do what I do. I spent years struggling in love and thinking that the secret was just to keep “trying” and keep being in relationships HOPING to figure it out. This attitude, is the idea that we are powerless to make changes in our lives when it comes to love.

All I have to do is walk outside to hear women complain about how “there are no good men” or “all the men in their city are taken” or “men can’t be trusted” or “online dating is so hard” etc. I hear women reminisce together who are all single and dating about horror stories.

At the same time however, I receive countless emails from clients sharing how much fun they are having and the quality of men they are meeting. I am hearing women take responsibility for their lives and refuse to think negatively about men/dating and take their power back in love. This is the work I do. This is the work I care about.

This is what my journey was. In my last relationship, I remember thinking ALL the time “If only I did more work” or “If I could just behave like xyz” then he would stay with me. This attitude is actually an attitude of powerlessness. This attitude says “I don’t have choice” and most painfully “I don’t have options.” Whenever we become fixated on one man we are acting from powerlessness. In fact, relationships require effort but it doesn’t feel like “work.” There is also a big difference between working to create something together and working to try and KEEP something together. When we don’t believe we have options, we don’t believe we are powerful enough to create what we want in life, and we stay powerless to make changes.

This is also what happens when you go on one great date and fall apart if he doesn’t call you back. This feeling is powerlessness.

When I say I work to empower women – I work to empower women to take control of their love lives and know their inherent worth and capacity to CREATE the love story of their dreams. THIS is an empowered attitude: I AM CREATING THIS.

There is a big difference between just reading “tips” on love and having an entire internal shift to operate in the world as an empowered feminine woman. An empowered feminine woman knows her worth and she doesn’t cling to the first man that comes her way. An empowered feminine woman is patient and certain, she knows she will find true love and goes on dates with ease and grace. An empowered feminine woman affirms and validates herself rather than waits for it from someone else. An empowered feminine woman walks away from unrequited love because she knows she is desirable to many other men.

A woman who knows she is powerful leans back in love. A woman who knows she is powerful takes time to learn about how relationships work and she cares about doing her inner work. A woman who knows she is powerful in love knows she is worthy. A woman who knows she is powerful in love doesn’t complain and no matter how dark it may seem, she knows she IS the light.

Letting go of the attitude of “powerlessness”, which left me only with HOPING for the best in love, changed my ENTIRE life. I CREATED the experience I am having with Andrew and I create it every single day. Neither he nor I are complacent in our love.

Today, I offer you this.


Today is the day I release the limiting belief that I am powerless in love

Today is the day I claim my power and ability to create the kind of life and relationship I want

Today I am willing to accept help where needed because I know I don’t have to do it all alone

My clients wake up to their POWER. Their ability to manifest their dreams and take full responsibility for their life. They know how to self reflect and walk through the world confidently, passionately and ALIVE.

I want this so much for you.

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