YOU are a QUEEN worthy of an EPIC love story.
You deserve to live your epic love story EVERY day. Starting NOW.

Can you imagine a love so beautiful it inspires, transforms, and illuminates everything and everyone around you? 

This is essentially your birthright. You are so worthy of a love like this. In fact, I’ll let you in on a not-so-little secret: you were born worthy.

When you live fully in your power, confidently aware of your own inner radiance, you cannot help but attract more love like this into your life. 

Are you ready to live in love?

  • Does dating feel like torture to you?

  • Do you feel disillusioned, like you’ve already missed the boat and are destined to remain single for the rest of your life?

  • Are all of your friends getting married and you feel left behind?

  • Do you believe that all of the good men are already taken?

These are super common thoughts and feelings when fear is running the show. Perhaps you have convinced yourself that you don’t even care anymore. It’s just too painful to keep hoping and wishing.

What if you found out that you didn’t have to wait around anymore hoping to be chosen by Prince Charming?

I’ve got some really good news.

LOVE doesn’t choose you. YOU choose IT.

I’m Catherine Hummel, Love Coach, Healer, and a woman head-over-heels in love with LOVE. In the last seven years I went from co-dependent relationship junkie to LOVE EXPERT. I overcame my insecurities and low self-esteem by nurturing my soul’s and heart’s desires. In doing so, I found my confidence and mapped out the programs that prepared me for receiving EPIC LOVE.


Catherine and Andrew

Now I’m ready to walk that journey toward love with YOU with my proven programs:

THIS is what TRUE LOVE looks like. Go on and CREATE YOUR LOVE STORY!

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lauren-m-and-bfCatherine helped me to discover who I am and see that who I am is enough. Through this I was able to attract the most incredible man I have ever met!

Catherine showed me tangible tools and how I had to shift my mindset in order to attract the love that I desired and it was EASY!
-Lauren M


erica bThrough working with Catherine, I not only healed from a break up but I attracted a partner that I before could only dream of! I learned that I am enough; I have all the happiness, love, and joy already within me, and Catherine helped me find it.

-Erica B.